Celestial offers a comprehensive and flexible training service directed at the professional development of Enterprise Architects and Systems Engineers. There are many certification courses available but they only offer entry-level understanding – Celestial teaches students how to think and to give them the in-depth understanding necessary for them to develop and excel in their profession.

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Architecture Analysis, Design and Architecture Development
Enterprise Architecture in Practice

SOA Principles

JEE Architecture

Technical Architecture for the Modern Digital Business

Business Architecture in Practice

Business Analaysis Skills with UML – 3 Dayer

Business Analysis with UML – 5 Dayer

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Agile with UML for communicating

Design and Technical Architecture with UML for communicating

Business Analysis Techniques

BPMN Modelling Techniques

MDA Principles


OOA/D Techniques for the Digital Business

CORBA Java Development

CORBA C++ Development

JEE Technology Stack

Java Programming for none Java Developers

C# Programming for none C# Developers

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C++ Programming

Advanced C++ Programming

UML and Test Driven Design

Test Driven Development with Java

Test Driven Development with C#

Test Driven Development with VB.Net

XML and XSL Programming with C#

XML and XSL Programming with Java