Celestial has

  • over 30 years experience in developing applications in C, C++, Java, Delphi, VB, C#, Javascript and many other languages
  • over 20 years practising software architecture, technical architecture, business architecture and enterprise architecture
  • over 20 years practising business analysis

With all of this we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any software development activity that we are involved in.

We practice as needed by the client

  • UML modelling at the analysis and design phases
  • Waterfall software development
  • Iterative software development
  • Agile

We have worked in the following industries

  • Telecoms
  • Health
  • Government taxation
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Oil and Gas
  • Rail Transportation
  • Air Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Defence

This wide industry involvement and extensive software tooling give us an advantage and unique software development capability.