How Do We Work

Celestial prides itself on its ability to understand and articulate complex use cases.  We have worked in a vast array of industries.  This has equipped us with a unique perspective of IT systems.  We approach each problem in the same way, engage, understand and implement.


We like to connect with you in a personal way.  Allowing you to lead the engagement, working on your timetable but supported by us.  The engagement can be face to face, teleconferencing, or simply by phone.   During this phase our aim is to collect as much information as is feasibly possible so that we can draft an initial understanding of your requirements.


We use a number of techniques to clearly demonstrate our understanding of your needs.  Using those techniques we capture, your requirements, where you currently are (current state), where you want to get to (target state), and the journey to your target state.  The tools are industry standard, but our unique way of using them yields tremendous results.


We will work closely with you to build the solution that works for you.  Our team of architects, business analysts, and software developers, have an immense amount of knowledge and experience in their primary areas of expertise, but they also carry experience in a number of processes and development philosophies such the TOGAF® ADM, Waterfall (V and non V models), TDD, Agile, Scrum, and other iterative development techniques.