Enterprise Architecture

We can provide a number of services to support your Enterprise Architecture capability and deliver them in various ways. We can provide these through short-term or long-term assignments. With our firm belief that enterprise architecture should not be outsourced, we aim to provide expertise to fill short-term gaps in your resources and to help you establish and evolve your own capability.

EA Capability Building

Celestial is unique in offering a mature approach to the planning and building of Enterprise Architecture Capabilities. We have specialised in the delivery of Enterprise Architecture services over the last 10 years to government and commercial sectors, national and multi-national organisations. We “practice what we preach” by using best-practice standards and frameworks together with our extensive knowledge and experience to help you build a leading edge EA capability.

Strategic Architecture

With a deep understanding of all the major frameworks and multiple industries we can help you lay the foundations for your architecture. We can help establish the necessary building blocks to enable alignment of change programmes and projects.

Architecture Assessments

If you require impartial advice or opinion on how your Architecture capability is performing, we can help. We are able to undertake various types of review and assessment, tailored to your needs.