EA Capability Planning

Celestial is unique in offering a mature approach to the planning and building of Enterprise Architecture Capabilities. We have specialised in the delivery of Enterprise Architecture services over the last 10 years to government and commercial sectors, national and multi-national organisations. We “practice what we preach” by using best-practice standards and frameworks together with our extensive knowledge and experience to help you build a leading edge EA capability.

Setting up an Enterprise Architecture Practice is a challenge. Usually, it is precipitated by recognizing the need to address macro problems or trends facing the business, including:

  • Increasing competitive pressures
  • Increasing change
  • Growing legacy IT systems and infrastructure

Our solution is to build a long-term solution by setting up the EA Practice like a business: it must have a value proposition; it must have customers; and, it must be operational. Finally, we apply EA to the EA Practice build. These philosophies underpin our offering.


  • Our approach is based upon splitting the set-up of the enterprise architecture capability clearly into two phases: Plan and Build.
  • In the Plan phase we work with you to determine your EA maturity and we define a new Vision.With the Vision, situational and stakeholder analysis also complete, we help you define the mission and services for your capability.
  • In the Build phase we work with you to define a pragmatic approach that delivers quick wins while incrementally building out your capability – laying down the foundations for long term success.


  • You achieve faster results as we focus on skills transfer from the outset, acting as partners and mentors to your staff members.
  • You leverage our practical experience from both government and commercial sectors.
  • You leverage our practical experience from many industries, national and multi-national organisations.
  • You leverage our deep understanding of EA modelling that we now offer as, Aurora-PIM and Aurora-SA, versions of our extensive EA metamodel.
  • We apply our deep understanding and active participation in the development of TOGAF® to seed leading edge industry thinking into your capability.
  • We utilise other leading frameworks (including Zachman Frameworks, FEAF, DODAF, MODAF, IEEE-1471) to deliver you the best hybrid framework for your needs.
  • We leverage associated bodies of knowledge in the areas of Programme and Project Management, Service Management and Systems development to ensure your new EA processes dove tail with other best practices.
  • We pragmatically review and utilise any existing collateral. Often one of the greatest failings we observe is the fragmentation of architecture and the quiescence of artefacts.
  • We deliver results faster.