About Us

Celestial Consulting is based in Birmingham in the UK although we generally work as a virtual organisation where our clients need us. We have been operating successfully since 1995. We continue to look forward to the prospect of more growth with the establishment of our training capability.

After years of engagement with blue-chip and government organisations defining strategy and enterprise architecture, Celestial is now offering services and products focused on making change operational.

Celestial is an independent consultancy that empowers organisations to understand their current and future capabilities with an unbiased perspective that in turn enables strong decision making. This allows organisations to define their needs in logical terms and use those definitions as the basis to design, deliver and demonstrate the value of business change. We are a specialised consultancy – with no grand agenda, Consequently we have been selected for our impartiality and expertise to setup critical Enterprise Architecture capabilities for a number of blue chip organisations. Our mission in summary is to help organisations make change operational.

Celestial’s training service is focused in the area of enterprise level thinking; enterprise architecture, enterprise systems development and enterprise technology stacks. Celestial has over 21 years experience in training blue-chip and government organisations, delivering training in modelling, software development, architecture and design, and technology stacks.